What we do

We are a communications agency who create brand experiences; via physical and digital events, effective and long-term communication solutions as well as strategic and creative content productions.

We always start with the person and the experience, with the goal of making a lasting impression. With the right tools, creative ideas and strategic solutions, we take on challenges in close collaboration with clients, suppliers and partners. This can be digital or physical, short or long-term, big or small. The main thing is that everyone involved is a winner at the finishing line. And naturally that we have fun together on our journey!

Our offer

We are passionate about events and meetings! For over 15 years we have been organising digital and physical events for groups of 50–7000 people …
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We create strategic and relationship-building campaigns, concepts and motivation programs.
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We always start from the inside, with a strong focus on relevant and insightful content.
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We design, produce and develop websites, apps, film scenography and printed material.
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How we work

In close collaboration, we map needs and capture the essence of the assignment through research and insight work. Based on these insights, we create concepts, designs and content that are relevant to the target group. Then we activate and bring it to life in selected channels to engage, motivate and inspire.

Our work process in three steps:
In the find phase, we focus on research and insight work. The goal is to find new opportunities and conditions to create an experience that affects the target group. Relevance is the key to success.
In the create phase, we develop ideas and concepts to bring the brand alive. We choose channels and create designs and content that enhance the experience.
In the activate phase, it's all about carrying out the work in a smart and structured way. We care about the overall experience and thus every detail becomes important – nothing is ever too small or too difficult.
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"The office drawer"

In our office drawer we collect all the tools we use on a daily basis in our projects.

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Research & insights
Strategy & tactics
Concept & content
Logistics & flow
Copy & storytelling
Speaker coaching & script
Design & scenography
Web & app development
Film & images
Once upon a time…. this is how we lived the whole nine yards.

Our story begins with five friends who found a common passion. Their ambition was simply the fact that they all wanted to have fun at work. They had realized that experiences engage and bring people together. Thus, their entrepreneurial spirit presented others with the opportunity to also have fun at work. The need for their relationship-building talents grew rapidly.

At Nine Yards, we have always believed that it is the people behind the brand that make a company unique. That basic idea is still with us in everything we do today. That is why we create meetings between people where the brand experience becomes more rewarding.

With the attitude that everything is possible, the number of assignments the five friends took on grew. Gradually, new skills were required and the agency welcomed more committed personnel. Now it was no longer enough just to specialize in events and meetings, so the agency broadened its knowledge of brand experiences and communication.

We want to change and grow. To continue going forward means that we have a long-term and sustainable direction in what we do. A direction that will make people proud, motivated and committed.

Nine Yards’ vision is to be the agency everyone wants to work at and work with. Having fun at work is still a prerequisite for creating the commitment that moves mountains. In our offices in Stockholm, Oslo or Gothenburg, it is still the soft values ​​that make the difference.

Our experience since the beginning of 2004 has taught us that, as an agency, we should continue to be curious and dare to challenge. All the way.

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