What we do


Our mission is and always has been to spread a memorable experience and feeling, no matter which channel it takes place on. Our expertise is therefore not just based on the brand. Above all we focus on the people behind it.

We always start from the inside, with a strong focus on relevant and insightful content. We create everything, from the basics of communication plans and timetables to scripts, copy and speaker coaching. We help with every detail – both large and small.

What do you need?

Research and insight work

The right effect is achieved through knowledge and insights. That’s why we offer qualitative as well as quantitative studies and research.

Strategy and concept

Based on insights, we develop a strategic plan as a basis for a goal-oriented concept, packaging or framing.


With the right word, the right effect is captured. It is about getting the message across through clear language and sensitive tonality in all forms of marketing.

Script or storytelling

We create stories and scripts for stage, recording studio and plain text, to effectively reach the target group with content and messaging.

Film and storyboard

Pre-recorded moving material with a clear message and goal of entertaining, informing or marketing.


We hire professional artists, dancers, actors, musicians, presenters, moderators, speakers and lecturers who inspire and set the tone for the whole experience.

Bookings and logistics

Travel, food, hotels, venues, staff and much more are booked, streamlined and coordinated by complex logistics and flow design.

Speech coaching

We guide and coach in storytelling techniques and rhetoric to enhance presence on stage as well as in front of the camera.