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Digital meetings

We offer digital solutions for events, campaigns, content and design.

We are passionate about smart and efficient communication, regardless of channel. Purpose and effect are always our starting point when we design, create and package engaging events and meetings. Our goal is for you to ultimately exceed your desired results.

The solution in a digital meeting can be a simpler webinar, a live broadcast or a hybrid event / hybrid meeting where you gather participants both physically and digitally.

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Examples of digital meetings

Digital launch
Launch your new product or service digitally and take advantage of the opportunity to reach a larger number of people live or on demand via a streaming service. Here there are good possibilities for viral spread and a big effect.
Digital employee and client meeting
A digital meeting is a simple and effective way to develop the relationship with your most important employees, clients and partners. Maybe to inform, educate, involve, motivate or engage.
Digital kick-off
At a kick-off where you want to boost energy and belief in the future, an interesting and exciting program is needed. Here we can create content that involves, engages and touches, just as it works in a physical meeting.
Digital seminar
Should you arrange a seminar with experts and inspirers addressing a larger number of people then a digital event is a good fit. Here you have the opportunity for example to invite famous speakers and involve sponsors. During the meeting, you can create an advantage by involving the viewers and opening up for questions in social forums and chat functions.

Engaging content

There are just as many possibilities when we arrange an event digitally as physically. The most important thing is how we package the communication and make sure that it reaches through and engages. Something we have great knowledge and long experience of. We design all types of digital solutions according to your needs.

Checklist for digital meetings

It is in meetings that energy is created, with the feeling of community and security. There we create understanding, convey knowledge and inspire. Good preparatory work is required to achieve this desired effect. Here is a simple checklist with tips to help you plan your upcoming digital meeting or event.

1. What effect do you want to achieve?

First of all it is important to determine why you should have the meeting, what you want to achieve and who you are targeting. Then it will be easier to create the right conditions for implementation and the possibility to achieve the right effect.

2. How long should a digital meeting be?

When conducting digital events and meetings, you need to look at time in a different way. An event that normally lasts a whole day should digitally last for about 1–2 hours. Another possibility is to make short features but more often, as in a series. Compress and increase the pace, be more concrete and clear so that the viewer does not lose interest. And, as always, get involved!

3. What is your message and content?

Digital meetings that are streamed live from a studio become like a high-speed television broadcast. Therefore pay extra attention to programs and content. Scale down and concretize your message. What is most important? Form clear presentations or videos to support the communication a speaker provides. Also keep in mind that all communication does not have to be live and/or pre-recorded features.

4. How are the participants involved and engaged?

In order to maintain interest, it is important to provide the opportunity for some interaction. There are endless solutions for this today: apps and websites for gamification, mentometer systems, chat forums, video conferencing systems or traditional phone calls to the studio.

5. How do you follow up?

At a digital meeting, follow-up and feedback are extra important. In this way we can ensure that the right information has been provided and that the target group has understood what you want to convey. It also provides the opportunity to continue to activate the target group over time, and in the long run build strong loyalty and a close relationship.