What we do


We’re not the types to boast, but we are a communications agency who win awards every now and then for digital, digital-physical and physical events.

For over 15 years we have organised and produced events and meetings for groups of 50–7000 people. The solution could be a digital streaming, a sales journey, a major industry forum, a kick-off… you name it.

We handle everything from logistics, bookings and travel to flow design, speaker coaching and production.

Which of these formats matches your needs?

Digital events

A big advantage of digital broadcasts is that a lot of the content can be pre-recorded, while the risks involved in a live broadcast are reduced.

Available and on-demand
Streamed broadcasts have no limit in terms of number of participants, and the possibilities for distribution are endless.

Sustainable and cost-effective
When an event does not require people to travel long distances or stay in hotels then costs, logistics and conscious choices become more efficient.

Physical events

The shared experience
It’s hard to beat the feeling of the experiences we share with each other.

A physical event is easier for us to remember because it creates experiences for all our senses.

Control and flexibility
Here we can have greater control over things as we are in the same place and can more easily adapt to the atmosphere in the room.

Digital-physical events

The best of both worlds
By combining the physical and digital, you get the opportunity to create an event based on all the benefits. Here people can gather in small groups without having to travel far and at the same time experience the event together.