Vi tror att delade erfarenheter bygger starkare relationer. Tillsammans är vi LIWLIG – The Nordic Events Group.

Vi planerar, skapar och producerar evenemang och upplevelser för våra kunder över hela världen.


EVENTYR grundades 1995 av vår nuvarande VD Sofi Franzén.

Under 2020 blev EVENTYR en del av LIWLIG Group när vi tillsammans med finska TAPAUS lade grunden för nordens ledande eventbyrå. EVENTYR och NINE YARDS blir ett när de under 2021 går ihop.

Här på LIWLIG handlar allt vi gör verkligen om människor – djärva, innovativa, pålitliga och rättvisa människor. Vi älskar det vi gör. Vi tror och vet att våra erfarna och passionerade människor är vårt företags viktigaste tillgång.

Tillsammans med fantastiska kunder som våra, får vi alla på LIWLIG arbeta med intressanta och utmanande projekt som driver oss att växa som människor och professionella.


1995 2003 2012 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 One of the Norway’s oldest and most prestigious event companies joins the group through majority stake acquisition. Gyro AS. Expansion in Sweden continues as the Gothenburg based company joins the group. Nine Yards. Welcome. Expansion into Denmark is completed as Welcome becomes a part of Liwlig. MB Funds invests in Tapaus that acquires Roof Productions in connection to the MB transaction MB Funds. TAPAUS is founded. EVENTYR is founded Hello Norway! Liwlig expands to the land of fjords. 6. Sans. The new brand is born. Liwlig. Expansion into the Swedish market as EVENTYR is welcomed to the group. MB Funds . NINE YARDS is founded
VÅRA SIFFROR Vi är medarbetare 90 86 Vår cNPS score är röstat av våra kunder 320Mkr Vi beräknar en omsättning för 2023 1200 Vi har kompenserat ton CO2 under 2023 hittills 234 Vi genomförde event under 2022

Our values

At LIWLIG, we find purpose in bringing people together. We breathe new life into relationships, brands, and cultures through events that inspire, build trust, and change people. We turn moments into momentum.

We above me

We is the most powerful word we know. We is fairness for all, clients and suppliers too. We is an energy that shares the load, and the laughs. We is our commitment that we all succeed together.

Braver than yesterday

We always have the courage to innovate or try something new. But we own our decisions, and are always honest and straight talking. If we are true to ourselves we are true to everyone.

Passionate beyond reason

We are driven by a passion for what we do. It makes us obsess over every little detail. It’s why we love our clients too. We go to extraordinary lengths, because it’s not ‘just a job’, we just can’t help it.

Always there

Trust in our reliability is our foundation, built from thousands of small actions every day. There’s a simple rule: do what you say you’ll do. And whatever happens no one is ever alone.

We are trailblazers in sustainability


Creating momentum for climate action in the events industry

Carrying our weight is only a start. We have pledged to be the most responsible and sustainable event agency in the Nordics. Based on the UN's global principles and with a clear strategy going forward, sustainability is integrated into all parts of the organisation and in everything we do. Our ambition is to lead the industry forward. We do this by constantly educating, guiding and challenging our employees, customers and partners towards a more sustainable development.

Through knowledge we can change

We can influence on many levels. How we choose to produce, transport and consume; internally and in our customers' projects is where we can make the biggest difference for the climate and our environment. We work proactively to reduce the negative environmental and climate impact from our own operations, and we strive for a circular thinking and efficient management of energy and other resources. For this, we set follow-up and measurable goals that are continuously evaluated and revised.

Our journey towards carbon smarter events

The environmental and climate impact is always weighed against the long-term sustainable outcome when we propose means of communication, target groups, location, transport and production. Through good planning and clear checklists, transports can be reduced and circular productions can be prioritized in order to save resources and reduce the projects' environmental impact.

CO2 Calculator for events

The CO2 calculator is to help event organizers identify the climate impacts of their events and make the right choices. The calculated values ​​are intended to serve as guidelines and draw attention to the climate impacts of event production. The climate impacts can be influenced through choices: minimizing travel, distances, materials and energy consumption. A good atmosphere and people coming together cause no emissions at all. We offer climate compensation for all our clients with every project.

REUSE RATE For Exhibition productions

Participating in exhibitions is a big investment for a company. After intensive days at the exhibition centre, energies may run low but a wealth of promising leads awaits. After a well-deserved rest, it’s time to dig into the exhibition’s results. Before that, however, the exhibition stand needs to be taken down –– and this part unfortunately has a bad reputation of adding to landfills as a manifestation of throwaway culture.


Together with our CO2 calculator the REUSES rate is guiding our operations and making responsibility a way of operating together with our customers. At LIWLIG, we know what advice to give when it comes to making an individual exhibition stand less burdensome on the environment. We are familiar with internationally approved and certified materials, and prefer the use of digital surfaces.

As an example, when planning a trade show stand, we can already take into account the next fair – and the one after that – and thus optimize the reuse of materials. The best end result is reached when sustainability is already addressed in the project brief.

Clean up, reuse, recycle & compensate and improve

We commit to leaving things better than they were before we got there. This means cleaning up after our events, distributing excess food to charity and maybe donating the unused workshop markers to the local kindergarten. The last option after everything is compensation and in the Nordics our partner is ATMOZ Consulting and our compensation is directed towards the building of solar electricity.